As a user of Complete Dynamics, you will get free support. Even for the free Browser Edition!

A few restrictions:

  • You must be a registered user.
  • You must be under support period. Check your License expiration date. If your license has expired you need to pay a relevant support fee to get any support. Please check our pricing.
  • Use the latest program version.
  • All our support is handled by email only no telephonic enquiries entertained.
  • Check the Frequently Asked Questions below to see if you question is answered there.
  • We do not give support on MS Windows® problems or any third party tools used to input Hindi, support available only on problems with the Complete Dynamics software.

If your question is not listed below, send us your question to repertory [a] nambisons com

Frequently Asked Questions:

♦How was Complete Repertory made and what books are used?
Complete Repertory has been constructed using several Repertories, Materia Medica and other relavant reference materials. Read more.

♦How do I install Complete Dynamics software?
Download the software and double click the installation file. Read more.

♦How do I register myself and activate license?
After installing the software, apply for FREE Trial or Purchase license.  You shall get an email or SMS about your license details, fill in the User and License information. You are good to start repertorisation. Read more.

♦I have inserted details of license, still, the license has not activated, why?
If you enter detail of one field into another or there is a spelling mistake or an extra space it will result in non-activation. Therefore, use the correct information from the license detail email. Read more.

♦How do I buy a license for the Master or Practitioner Edition?
You can purchase a license in the WebShop. Read more.

♦Why do you charge extra when we pay via Paytm on your site using credit/debit card?
Paytm charges us 2% per transaction which is passed on to the customer. Read more.

♦I don’t want to pay transaction fee?
You can transfer directly to our bank account using Direct bank transfer, USSD, UPI app or IMPS. Read more.

♦What should I keep in mind before downloading a newer version?
Please keep a copy of installation/setup file for which you are eligible. If you use a version other than the one you are eligible for, it will give you an error. Supposing you buy a software license in Dec 2015 and your upgrade and support period ends in Dec 2016, please make sure to keep the installation/setup file used to install the software before the end of your Upgrade and support period. Otherwise you will not be able to use that version again 🙁 Read more.

♦What should I keep in mind before formatting or changing computer?
1. Please keep a copy of installation file for which you are eligible. If you use a version other than the one you are eligible for, it will give you an error. 2. It is very very essential that you keep your cases backed up if you want to transfer it to another computer or want to restore it after formatting of your computer. Read more.

♦I don’t have a backup, and Complete Dynamics is not opening. How can I retrieve the saved cases?
Don’t worry your cases are still saved in a folder, copy the cases and restore it to the new installation folder. Read more.

♦If I format my computer, will my license number change?
No, the license number will not change unless you use different windows CD than the previous windows installation. If the computer is same, windows license is same then the same CD license will work for a lifetime.
But, in case you use pirated windows or a different windows CD than the previous one. Or change computer or its parts. The Complete Dynamics license number may change. Using pirated windows is an offense. Read more.

♦If I change my computer, will my license number change?
Yes, your license number will change and you will need a new license key, the new key will be issued free if you are in the support period. If not you will have to pay a support fee to get a new license key. Read more.

♦How do I know I have the latest software version?
This is checked automatically if you are connected to the Internet. Read more.

♦I have problems installing on my Windows computer. What should I do?
This is always a Windows problem, but, in this case we will try to help you…. Read more.

♦What is the difference between Browser, Practitioner & Student Edition? 
Browser Edition is free & has limited features, Practitioners Edition is Fully functional lifetime edition, Student Edition is fully functional edition but for a limited period. Read more.

♦Where are my Case files stored?
Case files are stored on your computer’s hard disc. Read more.

♦Why do you give the Software and Complete Repertory for free? 
Good question. Read more.

♦Can I use Complete Dynamics on more than 1 computer?
Yes. Please read carefully.

♦Why is my computer so slow when I use Complete Dynamics?
Probably your computer is too old. Read more.

♦Can I still access my case files when my license has expired?
Yes. Read more.

♦How do I copy cases to my iPad?
With the Case Sharing option, using iTunes to copy the file. Read more

♦How do I copy cases to my Android phone or tablet?
With the Case Sharing option, using an SD card to copy the file. Read more

♦Why are there no Clipboards in the Analysis module?
There is a better alternative. Read more

♦How do I convert the Repertory in Hindi or English?
Please go to the top left & click on the flag, the language will change. Read a detailed explanation.

♦How can I Repertorise in Hindi?
Change the language, and use a Hindi transliteration software to type in Hindi. Read a detailed explanation.

♦How do I convert the Program in Hindi or English?
Please go Menu>General>Preferences>Program Language – Select Hindi. Read a detailed explanation.

♦If my computer gets formatted, will I still be able to use Complete Dynamics?
Yes, you can again install the software with the license key provided by us for any number of times without any problem.

♦What is the Complete Dynamics licensing policy?
Please read our detailed policy.

♦What do I get in the lifetime support period?
Unlimited use of Complete Dynamics on your computer.
You use a computer at home as well as at your practice, or you have an extra laptop? No problem, it’s included in the price. For details and restrictions, click here.
Free upgrades of the software.
We continuously add new features. No extra costs, it’s included in the price.
Free upgrades of the Complete Repertory.
Whenever a new release of Complete Repertory is available, you are the first to get it with no additional costs.
Free technical support.
We believe that software should be without problems. This means that our technical support is beyond what you have experienced with other companies. We listen to you and really solve your problems. In no time, at no cost.

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