Before Updating your software!

Before Updating your software!

Always keep a copy of your installation file used for installing your software. Otherwise you may end up losing your software.

Why don’t we keep old versions of Complete Dynamics?

Complete Dynamics is a committed software company which continuously updates its software for world class user experience in terms of usability and new features. Not only software update but also updates Repertory rubrics, new data, new cross references, newer remedy editions and corrections. Therefore, we want all our users to upgrade their old software to newer one.

Secondly, as Complete Dynamics continuously keeps updating the software many times a year, it is very difficult to keep every version of the software on the server as it hogs space and also incurs huge monthly cost. Complete Dynamics users are smart UpToDate doctors.

What is the best practice in the software world?

If you lose an email in Gmail after a month you can’t get it back. Nobody in the google will help you get it back. Similarly, if you loose WhatsApp chat the burden of keeping the backup of your chat is on you and WhatsApp will never help you on this. Similarly, the burden of keeping installation file of Complete Dynamics is on the user and they must help themselves.

Some users may not want to upgrade so the burden of keeping the old version installation setup file lies with them. Therefore, make sure that you always keep the downloaded version of the setup file on a safe location like CD, CVD, Pen drive, Cloud, HDD, SSD or on your computer.

If you lose your old setup file don’t worry, you can pay a small upgrade fees and upgraded your software to the latest version.

Go to Upgrade pricing page.

We always encourage users to spend some time reading the policy page before buying.

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