You can download Complete Dynamics with one of the Download buttons below. You can immediately use the free Browser Edition after installing. However, for using Practitioner and Master edition you would need a license, for FREE license apply here. CD can also be used in mobile phones. To see what’s new in the latest version, the release notes are on this page.

Version details can be found here.

Steps to use the FULLY FUNCTIONAL software. To use the fully functional software you need to activate it with License Key:

    • Download: Download the software and install it in your computer/mobile/tablet.
    • Apply: Apply for the License Key. Click here
    • Receive the License Key.
    • Activate: Fill in the user details in the software
    • Fully functional Software: Enjoy the world’s fastest, most reliable repertorisation, homeo library and patient management software. Search from the world’s biggest database of rubrics (find almost any symptom) with largest reverse materia medica. Enhance your practice several times and serve your patients using the fully functional software.


Click Here to Download the latest version of Windows/Android/Linux/Apple.


For iOS: iPhone/iPad please go to AppStore and download it from there.

A PDF version of the documentation can be downloaded here: Master edition, Practitioner edition, Browser edition, iPhone, iPad. After Downloading the above relevant setup file please learn how to install the choice of your edition.

Performance requirements. Your computer must have at least 512 Mb of internal memory, 1Gb is recommended for optimal performance. Installing the software requires about 400 Mb of disk space.




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