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Nambisons SoftroniX has been founded with a vision of benefiting Medical professionals & common man through the goodness of ICT (Information Communication Technology) apart from minimizing the deaths & disabilities due to misdiagnosis.

Nambisons Softronix is solely Indian Distributor for Complete Dynamics developed & sold by Complete Dynamics, Eduard van Grinsven, 2 Montloiron, 71550 Cussy en Morvan, France. VAT number FR35878776681 & SIREN 878776681. Formerly Complete Dynamics, 2 Montloiron, Cussy en Morvan, France earlier Morpho Logica Homoeopathica B.V., Gruttosingel 36, 2496 HW ‘s Gravenhage, The Netherlands.

For the first time in India: While translating Complete Repertory 2011 into Hindi the idea of making Complete Dynamics available to Doctors of Indian sub-continent came to our mind. The software Complete Dynamics available through this website is loaded with Hindi also, at the same time lifetime licensing has been introduced.

As of now, all available forms of Complete Repertory in Indian Sub-continent (offered by other softwares) are old versions, in Complete Repertory 2011 Roger has made quite a lot of changes & using the Complete Repertory 2011 gives a far more satisfaction. Repertory and publications used to build and update Complete Repertory are listed here.


Kent CR 4.5 Synthesis Treasure Ed * CR 2008 CR 2009 Synthesis Treasure Ed 2009 CR 2010 CR 2011
Rubrics with remedies 64,230 125,583 139,553 167,474 178,094 n/a 203,314 206,053
Remedies 624 n/a 2,375 1,911 2,394 n/a 2,475 2,489
Average remedies per rubric ** 7.83 7.43 7.66 10.44 7.45 n/a 10.69 11.09
References & cross-references 0 52,066 28,764 186,972 216,577 n/a 283,846 289,356
Author (source) references n/a n/a 1,787,994 3,048,485 3,439,769 n/a 4,050,458 4,336,441
Remedy occurences 503,145 932,636 1,069,724 1,748,337 1,913,936 2,125,230 2,173,135 2,285,238
Grade 1 338,879 720,027 819,148 1,201,224 1,327,392 n/a 1,506,940 1,551,534
Grade 2 129,362 171,064 201,443 51,180 56,237 n/a 80,654 83,366
Grade 3 34,904 41,107 48,659 339,545 360,203 n/a 406,557 413,247
Grade 4 0 438 474 156,200 169,875 n/a 187,670 189,506
Clinically verified additions *** 164,266 212,609 250,576 495,745 530,078 n/a 594,227 602,753
% Clinically verified 32.6 22.8 23.5 28.4 27.7 n/a 27.3 26.4
Relative to Kent 0 129% 153% 302% 323%% n/a 362% 367%

Between the first edition of the Complete Repertory Mind in 1994 and the release of this edition a lot of time has passed. In that time-span the Complete Repertory has become a very widely used tool. Now a English/Hindi Edition has been prepared to help support Homeopathy in the land with its largest supportive community.

Many people think a repertory only grows or improves when you put in more additions and in most of the advertisements you see that companies offering the repertories know how to play with this quest. They forget that you need to reorganize, sometimes even restructure the repertory so that even long existing, but hidden rubrics can be found so you can marvel about their content. Toward this aim there has been a lot of this restructur­ing, often subtle, enhanced by references and cross-references. Many new cross-references and references have been made, knowing that people will use modern day English to find old information. Knowing also that these references are especially useful for the non-English user who nevertheless wishes to use this repertory and needs assistance to find the right rubrics. And for many additions also the clinical confirmations have been found and included. — Roger Van Zandvoort

Repertory is an indispensible tool for a serious Homeopathic practitioner, who constantly strives to find out the most appropriate similimum for the presenting case. Since its inception, it has been continuously updated by dedicated authors across the world. The contributors being right from the prover to the clinician, who verify the symptom in the clinic to authenticate its rightful place in Materia Medica & Repertory.

While taking case, we used to wonder as what should be the right rubric for a symptom narrated by the patient in his local language (Hindi), wherein came the idea of translating the Repertory in Hindi for making it expedient for us & for the fellow practitioners to easily locate the right rubric. Secondly, many rubrics are very difficult to comprehend in English than in Hindi, which more often required dictionary to appreciate the meaning of rubrics. Thirdly, we missed many good rubrics just for the want of knowing the meaning.

Before this translation, we translated Kent’s Repertory in Hindi way back in 2003 for our personal reference. But, when we came across the mammoth & the exhaustive work done by Roger van Zandvoort, we were convinced that this was the right book to be translated & presented to the practitioners who are more comfortable in Hindi. So that, the ultimate aim of reaching the similimum is achieved.

In this translation, we have tried to translate the rubrics into Hindi as close as the original & also tried to incorporate easily comprehensible words. We have tried to minimize the typological mistakes, but, wherever it has crept in, we are sure the kind reader will inform it to us & ignore our oversight. Healthy criticism are welcome at repertory@nambisons.com.

Enjoy! Easy English/Hindi repertorisation.



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