Software Policy

Some points to note before you buy Complete Dynamics (Indian Version) Software:

  • All our support is handled by email only, no telephonic enquiries entertained.
  • Check the Frequently Asked Questions to see if you question is answered there.
  • We do not give support on MS Windows® problems or any third party tools used to input Hindi, support available only for problems related to Complete Dynamics software.
  • * Nambisons Softronix is sole Indian Distributor for Complete Dynamics developed & sold by Complete Dynamics, Eduard van Grinsven, 2 Montloiron, 71550 Cussy en Morvan, France. VAT number FR35878776681 & SIREN 878776681 Formerly – Morpho Logica Homoeopathica B.V., Gruttosingel 36, 2496 HW ‘s Gravenhage, The Netherlands, VAT

How to order?

To order a license, start Complete Dynamics and go to the Help menu. You’ll see the options Acquire license that will take you to our Webshop. Or Directly go to our Pricing page and buy a relevant Edition.
(To download Complete Dynamics, visit our downloads page)

Licensing strategy

On paying the relevant Licensing Fee we provide you a Subscription (6 months/1/3/5 Years) or Lifetime license (Upgrade and support for 1/5 Year)* To continue to receive support and updates, CD must be renewed after 1, 3, 5 years (as per your license). .

If an upgraded version is released, users out of support period have to pay an additional fee for acquiring the new version, the fee is applicable from the date of expiry of Upgrade and Support, not from the date of purchase of the upgrade. Example No.1- your upgrade period expired on 31-Dec-2013 and you purchase one year upgrade on 15-June-2014, an upgrade of one year will be issued starting 01-Jan-2014 & ending on 31-Dec-2014 and not from 16-June-2014 to 15-June-2015. Example No.2– Supposing you plan to buy Upgrade in 2014 whereas your upgrade date already ended in 2011, in such case you would be charged for 2012, 2013 also. So, in this case, to get the latest upgrade the user will have to buy at least 3 years upgrade.

Why so? That’s because if upgrade period of a customer expires on 31-Dec-2011. Then if in mid 2014 he buys an upgrade of one year & supposing the license is issued from the purchase date, then, the customer will automatically get the update done in the intervening two years (2012-13) free of cost. In such a situation many customers will wilfully not buy an upgrade for 1-2 years to get free in between upgrades. This will be a loss to the company & injustice to the customers who regularly buy upgrades. To discourage this practice the company has rolled out the policy of issuing upgrade from the date of expiry of upgrade and not from the date of purchase. Please agree to this clause before purchasing an upgrade.

ऐसा क्यों? ऐसा इसलिए क्योंकि अगर किसी कस्टमर का लाइसेंस 2011 में ख़त्म हो जाता है और वह 2014 में अपग्रेड खरीदता है और उसको उस ही तारीख से लाइसेंस अवधि गिना जाये, तो बीच की अवधि 2012-13 का अपग्रेड उसे फ्री में मिल जाएगा, जिसका कंपनी को नुक्सान होगा | इस तरह की गड़बड़ी को रोकने के लिए कंपनी अपग्रेड ख़त्म होने की तारीख गणना करती है | ऐसा न किये जाने पर कस्टमर एक-दो साल गैप के बाद अपग्रेड करवा कर पैसे बचाएँगे और कंपनी को अपनी मेहनत का पैसा नहीं प्राप्त होगा |

If you don’t want to upgrade, the current version will work as it is for lifetime for Lifetime users. To continue to receive support and updates, CD must be renewed after 1, 3, 5 years (as per your license). In the case of computer trouble, after the end of Upgrade and Support period:

  • Please take case backup. (please refer to help file)
  • If required do the system format, then reinstall the same windows from the same CD which came with your computer, please do not use different windows CD (otherwise the license number will change).
  • If the computer is same, windows license is same then the same CD license will work for lifetime.
  • But, in case you use pirated windows or a different windows CD than the previous one. Or change computer or its parts. The Complete Dynamics license number will change. Using pirated windows is an offense.
  • If for some reason your license number changes Paid Support of the software will be available to you if you are out of subscription or upgrade period for a fee which will not include any up gradation of software.

Your subscription includes:

  • Unlimited use of Complete Dynamics on a single computer.
  • A single license is provided for a single purchase.
  • Free upgrades of the software.
    We continuously add new features. No extra costs, it’s included in the price.
  • Free upgrades of the Complete Repertory (English/Hindi). Whenever a new release of Complete Repertory is available, you are the first to get it with no additional costs (for users in subscription or upgrade period).
  • Free technical support. We believe that software should be without problems. This means that our technical support is beyond what you have experienced with other companies. We listen to you and really solve your problems. At no extra costs if you are in subscription or upgrade period.
  • Note however that our support does not include support for your operating systems, like Windows or any third party tools used to input Hindi. We extend support only for our software.

Pay to include:

  • Paid upgrades of the software will be available to you after the end of subscription or upgrade period for a fee. As we continuously add new features.
  • Paid Support of the software will be available to you after the end of subscription or upgrade period for a fee. As supporting users is time-consuming and support resources come at a cost to us.

*Terms and conditions: Complete Dynamics Software has been developed and sold by Mr.Eduard van Grinsven CEO, Complete Dynamics Software Company, 2 Montloiron, Cussy en Morvan, France.

  • Indian reseller Nambisons Softronix role: Nambisons Softronix is merely a reseller of Complete Dynamics software in the Indian sub-continent. Reselling is a way to help & facilitate users in Indian sub-continent pay in their own currency and escape the fear of paying at an international website.
  • Post sales: All the details, help & support etc. related to the Software and its functions is provided by:Complete Dynamics Software Company
    Mr.Eduard van Grinsven CEO
    2 Montloiron, Cussy en Morvan
    FranceSIREN 878776681

    Email: therefore any post sale matter needs to be communicated to the above said company and remedy sought thereof. 

  • Please consider our limitations and liabilities. Therefore, your discretion is solicited. Nambisons software is merely engaged in the business of reselling of Complete Dynamics Software in Indian sub-continent.
  • User manual in the form of Help is already available in the software and also on the website, and the user is bound by the end user licence agreement.
  • Lifetime support means “A lifetime license means the use of C.D. without limit in time, by a given user on a given PC configuration. When the computer configuration changes, the provided license will not be valid for the new configuration.”
  • What is support? Support is any assistance needed from us, in situations that the customer cannot handle himself.
  • When a computer is replaced, or a new Windows is installed, the license can not be used in the new configuration. In order to issue a new License Key, the customer needs support. So a lifetime license without support simply ends when the computer is no longer usable. A lifetime license with support enables the transfer to other PCs, changing computer or Windows version as you see fit. Lifetime license comes with support for initial one or five years as the case may be. Lifetime does not mean: you can use this software for the rest of your life, on any PC that you want. It simply means that if you buy a license, it will not expire in time.
  • *Explanation: Please note that we will not give any support after the end of subscription or upgrade and support period, unless you buy an upgrade/support. Let us take an example, when you buy a TV it is yours for a lifetime to operate, but, the company gives you support free of cost for certain period say one year, but, after one year if you get any trouble you have to pay for it. Likewise, you can use this license for rest of your life on the computer without changing HDD, motherboard or OS. *This means the lifetime license is void if you change HDD, motherboard, OS or use of pirated OS outside your support period. If you change your computer/Hard disk etc and your license number changes during subscription or upgrade and support period we will give you a new license key Free of cost.

Complete Dynamics – Legal statements

Integrity and reliability are very important to us, just like they are to our customers.

Privacy policy

The information your supply to Complete Dynamics will be used as follows:

Your name and email address, as entered under Menu / Help / User and license, are used to verify the validity of your license.
Your email address is used to occasionally send you a newsletter. If you do not want this, you can easily unsubscribe by clicking on a link at the bottom of such a newsletter email.
The address information you give when buying a license in our webshop is used exclusively to make your invoice.
All data you enter in the Complete Dynamics application is stored locally on your computer.

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