How to backup cases or export cases?

How to backup cases or export cases?

When you want to install Complete Dynamics in a new computer or want to format the present one, it is very important to take a copy of backup of cases saved by you. The simplest method is to export your entire case database.

Exporting your entire case database (Backup cases)

1. Go to menu option > Export complete Case Database… (Menu option got to Case > Sharing > Export complete Case Database).

2. A dialog box opens, allowing you to provide a password to protect this file. Give it a password eg. 123456 or your license number.

3. Press the OK button.

4. Save the file in your pen drive, hard drive or CD (your entire cases are stored in this file, keep it safe)

5. Take the file to another computer.

6. How to Import: In the new computer go to the menu of Complete Dynamics and there do Import. (Go to Menu option Case > Sharing > Import). It will ask for the Backup cases file, give the path of the file, click OK. All your cases will show up in the case tab. 🙂

2. For some reason, if you are not able to open Complete Dynamics then follow the below method and get back all your cases. By default every time you close the software the software automatically keeps a backup of the entire database in a file.

First of all open

then open

then open
C:\Users\YOUR-NAME\AppData\ (here you may not see AppData folder – Go to Menu > View then click Hidden folder) you will start seeing the folder

then open
C:\Users\YOUR-NAME\AppData\ Local\MorvanHills\ CompleteDynamics

then go into
C:\Users\YOUR-NAME\AppData\ Local\MorvanHills\ CompleteDynamics\backup
locate and copy the last automatic backup by date for example file name cases-2016-10-19.rep (copy this file)

Now, come back to
C:\Users\YOUR-NAME\AppData\ Local\MorvanHills\ CompleteDynamics
paste cases-2016-10-19.rep here. Then rename cases.rep = cases old.rep. After this rename cases-2016-10-19.rep = cases.rep

that’s it! start your complete dynamics and check your cases.

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