Complete Dynamics version 22.4 released!

We have released Complete Dynamics version 22.4, containing Complete Repertory 2022.

The author, Roger van Zandvoort, sends you the following release notes:

Complete Repertory 2022 release data, compared to CR 2021
New source additions: 58035 (mostly TF Allen’s Encyclopedia)
New remedy additions: 12035 (mostly TF Allen’s Encyclopedia)
Most importantly, changes in grading: 67000 more entries with clinical confirmations (3th & 4th degree Boenninghausen). Went up from 26 % in the 2021 version to 28,35 % in the 2022 version, which is a big deal and main reason to do the Allen project, together with the more additions in the 2th degree (2th degree Boenninghausen, missing in Kent, Kent’s 2th degree is the 3th degree Boenninghausen, as Boenninghausen’s grade system is used in the Complete Repertory)!
average amount of remedies per rubric: 13, unchanged
results will lead to better analysis outcome for the remedies involved

Kind regards,

The Complete Dynamics development team.

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  1. I am an allopathic general practitioner interested in homeopathy. I dont practise homeopathy. Pls let me know the best discounted price for master edition for 5 years. Thanku.

    • Sure sir we will email you the best price thank you 🙂

  2. What is the price of complete repertory

    • Sir please give your email ID & whatsapp number send it to +91 87702 30947

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