Reseller of World’s No. 1 Homeopathy Software

Reseller of World’s No. 1 Homeopathy Software

New year SALE 20-20!!!

In only 10 years time, Complete Dynamics has gone from ‘nothing’ to The World’s No. 1 Homeopathy Software !!!
We are SO PROUD of this, and we want to CELEBRATE this with you !!!
And we are SO PROUD of our customers (YOU), who made this happen !!!

Indian reseller of the World’s No.1 Homeopathy Software !

10 reasons

  1. The best selling.
  2. Most advanced technology.
  3. Bug free software.
  4. Most computer types supported.
  5. Excellent support.
  6. Most flexible licensing.
  7. Best repertory.
  8. Most languages.
  9. Most accurate documentation.
  10. All you need…

Want to know more?

  1. The best selling.

    When we introduced Complete Dynamics in 2009, the market was dominated by 2 other software products: MacRepertory and Radar.
    We were hoping that maybe some day we could become number 3.
    However, after 10 years it turns out that Complete Dynamics has become the number 1 selling homeopathy software in the world.
    When we say no. 1, this is based on official financial reports of our main competitors (we prefer the word ‘colleagues’).
    Let’s simply show you how we’re doing…

    This sales graph comes directly from our accounting system, no modifications to make it look better than it is.
    We are financially very stable. This means that we make profit and do not have debts. (Not all the others can say that).

  2. Most advanced technology.

    Our software development team deploys state of the art software engineering disciplines and utilities.
    They are personally guided by Eduard van Grinsven and Roger van Zandvoort, both long standing Masters in the Art of Homeopathy.
    So we are always up to date, both in technology and in homeopathy.An example: RadarOpus informed their users in September 2019 that RadarOpus will not run on the new macOS Catalina, unless they upgrade to their latest version 2.2 (not yet available at that moment).
    MacRepertory has had similar technical problems in the past, advising their users not to install a new Mac version.
    Ask yourself one simple and essential question: “Why?”
    And then: “Why is that not a problem with Complete Dynamics?”.

    Another example: RadarOpus announced at the same time that their new version improves the loading time of their program from 22 seconds to 13 seconds. They measured on a MacBook Air 2017 (SSD), a very fast PC.
    Complete Dynamics loads instantly (less than 1 second, on an older MacBook).

  3. Bug free software.

    Our software has no known problems. As soon as a problem is found (which is very, very rare), we immediately stop new development, fix the problem, and update the software. Only then do we continue new development. No exception to this rule, never.
    The idea of keeping software at a 100% quality level has been discussed for a long time in the professional software industry. But time and time again, Money wins at the cost of quality. Not with Complete Dynamics. We strictly stick to the rule of Zero Known Problems. We have very good reasons for that. And at the end, it always pays back!

  4. Most computer types supported.

    Complete Dynamics is the only homeopathy software that supports:
    – Windows,
    – Mac,
    – Linux,
    – iPhone and iPad,
    – Android phones and tablets.
    No internet required!
    Our mobile Apps are fully functional tools, with all the functions of our Practitioner Edition for PCs. The most powerful and flexible mobile homeopathy Apps in the world.

  5. Excellent support.

    This has been confirmed by many customers. Complete Dynamics has the best support.
    You have a question or a problem? We help you. We really do!
    And it is for free, of course.

  6. Most flexible licensing.

    Our philosophy is simple: If we make excellent software, you will be an excellent customer.
    We offer licenses from 1 month up to 10 years. You decide, based upon your experience with Complete Dynamics.
    It is our job to make the Best of the Best software. If we do not do a good job, you will go away and buy other software. We like this flexibility, it forces us to be the Best. You decide…
    And we will make no effort whatsoever to persuade you to spend a lot of money, like others do. You have the freedom, we have the obligation to prove to you that we are worthy of your confidence.

  7. Best repertory.

    Complete Dynamics includes the Complete Repertory by Roger van Zandvoort. Unlike other main repertories, this repertory is actively kept up-to-date by the author.
    Complete Dynamics is always the first to publish new versions of Complete Repertory.
    There is no homeopathic repertory more comprehensive than the Complete Repertory.
    Complete Repertory is the most used, detailed and advanced repertory, available in most languages.

  8. Most languages.

    Complete Dynamics software is available in 11 languages (English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Russian, Bulgarian, Romanian, Hindi).
    Complete Repertory has been (or is being) translated into 14 languages.
    Our website is available in 10 languages.
    We are there where you are. We are there for you.

  9. Most accurate documentation.

    With so many different computer types and so many different languages, what good would it be to have a single manual in English?
    Actually, Complete Dynamics has 88 different manuals; there is a manual adapted to your personal situation.

  10. All you need…

    Our aim is to offer you exactly what you need to do your job, for a fair price. Not more.
    – Browser Edition: Free.
    – Practitioner Edition: All you need to run a professional practice.
    – Master Edition: For the experienced and more demanding professional.There are other products that offer you more than you need, for a higher price. Ok, if that’s what you really need, buy it. But we don’t ask you to pay for something that you don’t really need. You decide.

The world’s No.1 Homeopathy Software ? Complete Dynamics !


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