Complete Dynamics – Veterinary Edition

It is our pleasure to announce the new Complete Dynamics – Veterinary Edition , which we have developed in close cooperation with dr. Richard Pitcairn.

The Veterinary Edition contains:

  • New World Veterinary Repertory (Richard Pitcairn & Wendy Jensen).
  • Kent’s repertory.
  • Boger-Bönninghausen repertory (edited by Richard Pitcairn).
  • It does not contain the Complete Repertory , which is the standard repertory in our other program editions.

Besides containing other repertories, the Veterinary Edition is functionally identical to the Practitioner Edition.
There also is a Veterinary Master Edition.

Just like our regular program editions, the Veterinary Edition can be enhanced with optional repertories and Materia Medica.

Please note that the repertories are in English, there are currently no translations available.

Kind regards,

The Complete Dynamics development team.

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