Complete Repertory 2021

Complete Repertory 2021

A repertory of Homeopathic Materia Medica & cured cases, following the Hahnemannian tradition.

Worked on since 1982, the Complete Repertory has become the leading repertory in the homeopathic community.

Offering several styles of repertory and repertorization (Boenninghausen’s, Kent’s, Boger’s), its practical use and versatility can reach far in suggesting the similimum for a patient.

Covers information for over 2500 different remedies in over 240.000 rubrics, emphasising those additions that are clinically verified (over 719.000 clinical confirmations).

Translated into 9 languages, and being translated into several more – an ongoing project.

With over 300.000 references and x-references it helps you to navigate to the best fitting rubrics for your patient.

Using the Boenninghausen grading system, in synchronicity with the leading classical literature (S. Hahnemann, C. von Boenninghausen, G.H.G. Jahr, C.F. Trinks, T.F. Allen, C. Hering).

Not using Kent’s grading system, which is less detailed (offering less refined analysis of data) and does not connect to nearly as many primary sources in literature.

Covers over 4450 sources from over 1620 authors spanning 230 years of literature, over 6.500.000 additions.”

and enjoy the Complete Repertory, no matter which software program you have!

Roger van Zandvoort is the author of the Complete Repertory © and Repertorium Universale ©, published in several languages. He lectures and continues writing/developing for the benefit of homeopathy.

His work is used by almost all of the important homeopathic programs worldwide.

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