Which is the smooth, easy to use, stunning Homeopathic Software?

Which is the smooth, easy to use, stunning Homeopathic Software?

Complete Repertory and Complete Dynamics Review

Why do you like complete dynamics and complete repertory?

Complete Repertory has been my main source of reference since 2006 , I had used it in several programmes until Complete Dynamics Has come into Existence Since then I have been using it to-date in my day-to-day practice.

The Complete Repertory – The Repertory is Constructed in a comprehensive way, I am comfortable with the plan . To my understanding it has used both Kentian and Böenninghaussen’s plan of Repertories. It is the Most updated repertory to date.

The Rubrics represent the symptoms of the patient/materia medica as accurately and as elaborate as possible. There are several cross-references to the Rubrics, which makes it the best Repertory. One may not know exactly which rubric to take and land by a nearby rubric and the cross-references help to have a better idea and go for the best rubric that suits.

It has additions from almost all the standard old repertories and materia medica and also to most modern and most recent provings too. added to that a lots of sources from the old Homoeopathic Journals and magazines from several languages . all the sources are authentic and the additions are made meticulously by The Author of Complete Repertory – Roger Van ZandVoort .

The additions are made constantly, if any mistakes are there they are corrected and the updates to the repertory is an ongoing and a continuing work – which makes it the best. Further, the repertory is also available in 13 different languages, Hindi is one of the Indian Languages that is available for the Indian Users.
I can say that with 100% surety . I have the good fortune of being associated with Roger Van ZandVoort since years on a daily basis on the Repertory, i work for him and with him , i moderate the support group for Complete Repertory on Facebook with him .

Complete Dynamics – Its smooth, easy to use, stunning User Interface, the Book layout , most importantly the Background Colour and the Font colours are best chosen not to strain the eye . This is the only such Homoeopathic Software where such a care has been taken and aesthetically made .

The Search Function is one of the fastest an best. It has several combinations of shortcuts to search too. simply typing the text would also work the best.

The Jump-to field – If you know the repertory well and if you can type the exact rubric the repertorisation gets done in almost a couple of minutes . The Jump-to field is swift . The analysis modules gives a comprehensive view of all the potential remedies that could be indicated . if the case is well taken and the choice
of symptoms is right the result of analysis is clear across the modules. The Small Remedies Module has to be specially mentioned. In a given case, sometimes a polycrest comes up clearly indicated, the small remedies has such a strategy that it brings up a lesser know remedy but is potential enough to be given as similimum especially as in acute case and comes up on the top.

For the search functions there are other features where you can look for top 5% of remedies or any percent based on the ranking , the differential diagnosis is another key feature . The Repertory Structure View which is like a tree view is another good feature for the Reference . For all the

For all the above said reasons I would definitely recommend the Complete Repertory and Complete Dynamics Software to the Homoeopathic Fraternity, The Practitioners , The Teachers and the Students of Homoeopathy . I have been using Complete Repertory Ever since I graduated i.e 12 years and Complete Dynamics almost since 8 years now .

I also Invite all people to Join the Facebook Group: Complete Repertory, Clinical Cases. The are more than 700+ cases in files and discussion on rubrics and
repertory .  This is the Link https://www.facebook.com/groups/Completedynamics/


In Homoeopathy,
Dr. Rajesh Rajendran
MD (Hom), Repertorisation Expert

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