How to Install CD?

How to Install CD?

How to Install CD in MS Windows:

1. Double click the setup file as shown in the below image

2. Click on the Next button, once again Click on the Next button

4. Click on the Install button

5. Wait for the installation to complete

6. Click on the Finish button to complete installation 

7. Congratulations! you have installed Complete Dynamics. Double Click on the desktop Icon to start the software.

8. Now when you start the program if this window appears (go to menu > click help > click User & License)

  • If you are using it as Browser Edition, please enter your name & use it for free!

9. For practitioner or Students Edition (go to menu > click help > click Acquire License) OR click here.

  • After receiving the License Number we shall provide the License key within 24 to 48 hrs.
  • Fill in information, License key provided by us & click OK to start the lifetime license.

10. For acquiring Upgraded version as may be released in future from time to time, an additional payment shall be payable. If you don’t want an upgrade, the current version will work as it is.

*I have problems installing on my Windows computer. What should I do?

This is Windows OS problem, but, we will try to help you…. Read more.


    • Android pe kaise chalega ye help kare

      • Please download android version and install it. For more clarification please call 09713373230

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