Complete Dynamics – Friends Program

Complete Dynamics – Friends Program

Complete Dynamics – Friends Program

It is with great pleasure that we announce to you our new…

*** Friends Program ***

The Complete Dynamics Friends Program is a great opportunity to help new customers receive a discount on their first license purchase. And the friend who helps, gets rewarded for that too!

The Benefits:

  • The New Customer receives 15% discount on his first license purchase.
  • The Friend receives a 3 months extension of his license.

Uhhh, really? Yes, you understood that correctly! If you recommend Complete Dynamics to only 4 others per year, you never have to pay for your own license again! Interesting…

How it works?

So a Friend and a New Customer decide they want to profit from the Friends Program.
Because … you have a colleague who does not yet use Complete Dynamics, and you recommend the program because you work with it yourself, and know how good it is.
Or because … you are new to Complete Dynamics, and ask a colleague who already uses it what he thinks of it. And you hear him say it is great…

The Friend gives the New Customer his email address and a license number of his own license. (The simple 6 digit number, not the cryptic Key…)
The New Customer goes to the webshop (Program menu option Help / Buy license).
At the bottom of the webshop page, there is a button Friends Program. Simply click that button, and follow the instructions.
Easy… The New Customer immediately gets his discount, and the Friend immediately gets his free license time.

The conditions

Ok, there are a few rules. Here they are:

– The New Customer has never before bought a license of Complete Dynamics.
– The Friend has a valid license of Complete Dynamics.
– A Friend can get a maximum of 12 free months per calendar year. After that, he can no longer be a Friend in that year. Next year, ok…
– The Friends Program is only available in our webshop.
– The initial license purchase is 3 or 5 years of Practitioner or Master edition.
– The Friends Program can not be combined with other offers.

That’s all.

Why do we do this?

Why do we give discount, and give away free license time?

Because we are convinced that Complete Dynamics is the best software for seriously professional homeopaths.
And because we are convinced that Complete Repertory is the best repertory for seriously professional homeopaths.
So we are convinced that every seriously professional homeopath should be using Complete Dynamics and Complete Repertory.
And we know that many homeopaths are maybe not yet at that level, but Complete Dynamics, in our humble opinion, is the perfect software tool to help you achieve that level.
We know, because we ourselves are seriously professional homeopaths, not just a company that tries to sell software, and get rich that way.
And at the same time, the software of Complete Dynamics is of the highest level of technical quality that can be imaged. No bugs (!), easy to install and use, good documentation (in many languages), For Windows/OS X/Linux/iOS and Android Apps (real functional Apps, not toys), extremely fast support (in case you have questions, but that rarely happens).

So, become a Friend and promote Complete Dynamics.

Kind regards,

The Complete Dynamics development team.

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