Complete Dynamics – Version 21.4 released

We are proud to announce that we have released version 21.4 of Complete Dynamics.
A lot of work has been put into this new version.

So let’s first give a brief overview of what’s new, and then talk about each part a little more.

What’s new?

  • Complete Repertory version 2021.
  • New functions in the Materia Medica Editor.
  • The Organon.
  • Boger-Bönninghausen repertory.
  • Jay Yasgur’s Homeopathic Dictionary and Holistic Health Reference.
  • Louis Klein’s Clinical Focus Guide vol. 1.
  • Jens Schnetzler’s Safe Repertory.
  • Other changes…

So what does that all that mean?

Complete Repertory version 2021.

The author, Roger van Zandvoort, writes:

”2020 was another unusual year in that a lot of time was dedicated to completely rebuilding the Editing-database from scratch, creating more options and a more remedy focussed design. You might hear more about this later. The multi-user/server design has been preserved and fine tuned. Additions are managed per source now, handling # of provers and other details per source instead of per remedy-addition. No commercial program is using this currently though. Just for internal use in search of excellence and for some exp.

Other than this much work has again been done homeopathically. 312000 additions now made from Knerr’s repertory based on Hering’s Guiding Symptoms, an increase of 29000 additions compared to the 2020 version. Lots of additions to partial rubrics have been made using the remedy information in more specific rubrics.

In total 46969 source additions have been made compared to the 2020 version, mostly coming from the work on Knerr and the new remedy additions.

7 new remedies have been added, being:

  • Populus x Canescens
  • Promethium Chloratum
  • Promethium Muriaticum
  • Chelydra Serpentina
  • Insulinum Humanum
  • Nestor Notabilis
  • Bitis Atropos.

Entirely new remedy additions, from the 7 new remedies mentioned, 49638 since CR2020.”

New functions in the Materia Medica Editor.

  • You can now add chapters that are independent of a given remedy, like introductions, etc. Or whatever you like.
    These chapters appear on the Index page of the book. For details, see the Help section Materia Medica Module / Managing your own Materia Medica / Creating additional chapters. (Master Edition)
  • New layout elements: Lists (ordered/unordered), and Tables. (Master Edition)
  • Editing a remedy can now be started directly from the Index page of the MM book, via the popup menu on the remedy name. (Master Edition)

The Organon.

Now that the MM module can also have chapters that are not bound to a given remedy, we could finally add the Organon, 6th Edition.
You’ll find it in the MM module. Just click on the book title at the left to open the chapter index.

Boger-Bönninghausen repertory.

Bönninghausen Characteristics and Repertory – Translated, compiled and augmented by C.M. Boger.
Edited by Richard Pitcairn.

A perfect repertory for doing Bönninghausen style analyses, especially in combination with the powerful Polar Corrections function of Complete Dynamics.

Note: This is an optional product. (€ 39)

Jay Yasgur’s Homeopathic Dictionary and Holistic Health Reference.

This unique reference book defines obsolete, archaic medical terminology, as well as many modern terms found in homeopathic literature.

  • 4,500 modern and archaic definitions.
  • Scientific terminology as it relates to homeopathy.
  • Definitions of holistic health modalities.
  • 500 homeopathic obituaries.

The full text is in the MM module, but we also added a dictionary function, where you can search for words.
A new button [?] is added at the top of the screen to open the dictionary.

Note: This is an optional product. (€ 45)

Louis Klein’s Clinical Focus Guide vol. 1.

The Clinical Focus Guide to Homeopathic Remedies is an attempt to articulate 26 years of dense clinical experience in a succinct and easily comprehensible way. The goal of writing this materia medica was to clear away obscuration whilst being original and comprehensive enough that it would be much easier to use each remedy described.

The first volume is only a start with over 29 remedies included. The remedies are mainly new remedies with a few older and larger well known polycrests. Some of the next volumes will be thematically based rather than simply a mix of remedies.

The criteria for selection of remedies for the first volume was that I had to have had a good grasp of the remedy by having some very good cured cases of that remedy. I also wanted the remedy to be one covered in the HMC Course. I selected 2 or 3 remedies from each weekend session so that the book would be a good companion to the HMC Course itself.

Each of these groups of 2 or 3 remedies follows in line with the “thematic” arrangement of each weekend of the HMC Course. This thematic arrangement is a shift from the very first years of the HMC Course. Now each weekend has a theme whether it is based on the source of the remedy, (snakes, milks, area of the periodic table, plant families etc.) or topically based. The sessions still utilize cured cases, video and live cases, advanced methodology, information and discussions.

In this way, I can give excellent case examples of new and old remedies, a sampling of which are included in this book. Many of these cases were taken in front of classes and evaluated by a third party. I have tried to give the course the flavor of a clinical apprenticeship and the book an insight into my personal experience.

Note: This is an optional product. (€ 35)

Jens Schnetzler’s Safe Repertory.

Note: Available in German language only. English will follow later.
Note: This is an optional product. (€ 120)

Other changes…

  • Corrections to MM.
  • Improved MM layout.
  • Updated Taxonomy information.
  • Book module: Rubrics already included in the analysis, are drawn in a distinctive way.
  • Repertory Editor: You can now create cross references from a rubric to another rubric. (Master Edition)
  • MM Module: Double clicking on a book title opens the Index page for that book.
  • Searching in MM can now be restricted to given sections, like Mind, Head, etc. (Master Edition)
  • Solved an issue in the Book module, where filtering on remedy grades 1-2-3-4 did not work in additional repertories.
  • Solved an issue in the Book module, where showing only Main rubrics did not work in additional repertories.
  • Solved an issue in the Analysis module, where a user created kingdoms&families filter would not appear in the filter list the next time the program is started.
  • Solved an issue in the MM module, where optional books where not available in the Browser Edition.
  • Solved an issue in the iOS App, where the Analysis option to manually order rubrics, was not available.
  • Minor software corrections.

Kind regards,

The Complete Dynamics development team.

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