Complete Dynamics – Version 19.3 released

We are proud to announce that we have released Complete Dynamics 19.3.
This version contains the Complete Repertory version 2019.

Since our last newsletter, which we sent about half a year ago, many improvements have been made to the software. For details, see this page: What’s new?

Complete Repertory 2019

The author, Roger van Zandvoort, has written a paper about the work that has been done on the repertory since the last update in June 2018.
The full document can be read here: PDF version (4.3 Mb).


2018 brought a novelty: work on the repertory not only by me but also by Dr. Rajesh Rajendran, also co-admin for the facebook group Complete Repertory, Clinical Cases and practicing homeopath in Chennai, India.
This has helped us to include more contemporary material than I alone could tackle in the past years, which is good news for many colleagues.
I took on to compare the original Kent rubrics and their page-appearances later in 2018 with those derived from it in the Complete Repertory. A work long overdue and a challenge for one’s perseverance. Result: 10.000 page-references resurrected for rubrics in the Complete Repertory that lost their original Kent’s page references in the course of time. Some rubrics from the original were restored, others repositioned. Sometimes some remedies were added. The result will enable us to produce a derived, updated and corrected Kent’s Repertory as a sub-set of the Complete Repertory.

Earlier in 2018 Knerr’s Repertory was checked for further additions and corrections for Mind, Sensorium (including Vertigo), the Respiratory tract (Nose to Lungs/Chest) and the Digestive tract (Mouth to Rectum). Idem for heart, Pulse and circulation. A work I started in 2012 but was never finished. I intent to continue this further in 2019.

Some further corrections to the Complete Repertory and some cases/older proving-additions complete the work done for this year. It definitely was a lot of work. We end the year satisfied and wish every one a very fulfilling and happy New Year of 2019.

Details about the exact contents of the repertory (bibliography) can be downloaded here: PDF version (1.9 Mb).

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