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How to install? After installation of Complete Dynamics Homeopathic Software.

When you receive license detail email, please go to Help open user and license box.

Please make sure the license details are entered into the software exactly as mentioned in the email (best option is to copy and paste) any mismatch may result in non-activation of the software.

If the software doesn’t activate (very very rare) please write to us with a screenshot of the User and license Page Information, with details of your license.

Note: Even a single minute mismatch will result in non-activation.

For Android tabs and Phone: Please enter your license details and Complete Dynamics Homeopathic Software for Repertorisation and Patient management will start working. Please also be connected to the internet while entering license details. No need of license key – it is activated online.
Please follow the below directions:

In case of any difficulty/problem, please send the screenshot of the license page.
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