15 reasons to buy Complete Dynamics

15 reasons to buy Complete Dynamics

There are unlimited reasons to buy Complete Dynamics Homeopathic Software, but we bring to you some hand-picked reasons that will appeal to you.

15 reasons to buy complete dynamics homoeopathic software Complete Dynamics – Professional Homeopathy The World’s No.1 Homeopathy Software!

  1. Repetorise without typing, speak out symptoms the app will search rubrics
  2. Most computer types supported, Most advance technology & Bug free software
  3. Flexible pricing starts from Rs. 2499
  4. Materia Medica Editor; with master edition, now Edit your own Materia Medica
  5. Repertory Editor; by Master edition, make your own additions to the repertory
  6. Kingdom analysis, having Analysis based on Kingdoms and Families
  7. Graphical repertory; for representation of the relations between repertory rubrics
  8. Remedy suggestor, Suggest additional remedies for small rubrics
  9. Switch language; you can switch between 15 different languages
  10. Differential Diagnosis; A powerful module to help you differentiate remedies
  11. Kingdom analysis; having Analysis based on Kingdoms and Families
  12. Find module; Finding text and remedies in the repertory
  13. Repertory selection; Define your own repertory filters, like selecting your preferred authors
  14. Anatomical Index module; for easy interactive selections
  15. Analysis formulas; Define your own formulas for an analysis

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15 reasons to buy Complete Dynamics

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