Polar Rubrics and contra indications

Polar rubrics and contra indications

Polar rubrics are two rubrics which have an opposite meaning.
As example, let’s take a look at a simple case, in which initially remedy coff was prescribed:

Under Generalities, we see two rubrics that both have a polar rubric:
desires aversion.

It is possible to use these polar rubrics in the analysis by pressing toolbar button , found on the right side of the window. (Menu option Analysis / Polar rubrics, toolbar button ).
Now, under both rubric amel and desires, their polar rubrics are shown.
The result of the analysis is also changed, because the values of remedies are now corrected with the values in the polar rubrics.

Remedy coff is now colored red, because in this analysis it is contra indicated.
A contra indication is a situation in which a remedy occurs in one rubric in a low grade (1, 2, or does not occur at all), but in the polar rubric in a high grade (3 or 4).

A more complex example is shown in the next Bönninghausen style analysis:

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