Auto-Analysis Evaluation IRS

Balancing symptoms (Intelligent Repertorisation System)

Balancing of Symptoms is an advanced analysis mechanism, compensating the use of many/few Rubrics in a Symptom. When balancing is switched on (which it normally is), you can place as many Rubrics under a Symptom as you want, without disturbing the analysis.
In traditional analyses, you would have to carefully select rubrics in an analysis, because if you would use too many rubrics to express a certain symptom, the remedies matching that single symptom would start to dominate the analysis. Likewise, if you would only use a single rubric, the remedies in that rubric would not sufficiently contribute to the overall analysis, compared rubrics used for the other symptoms.
With Balancing of Symptoms switched on, every Symptom is counted with the Weight (see Using weights above) assigned to it, no matter whether you place a single Rubrics under it or, let’s say, 10 Rubrics.

Balancing symptom is switched on/off with the toolbar button , found on the right side of the window. (Menu option Analysis / Balance symptoms, toolbar button ).

Let’s take a look at an example. In the following analysis, many rubrics are used to express the head pains. If no Balancing is used, Glonoinum dominates the results, whereas with Balancing Natrum Muriaticum becomes more apparent.

Analysis result:

No balancing With balancing

Note: Balancing Symptoms has no effect on the basic analysis Simple Counting.

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