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Most Powerful Search

Google like lightening search with accurate results.


Patient Management

Save the case details with photo & prescription.


Differential Diagnosis

Make DD of remedies through different filters. Select the right one.

Analysis of Kingdoms & Families

Analysis of remedies and patient through kingdom and family of medicine.

Auto Analysis Evaluation

Several Pre-Evaluated settings, with IRS Intelligent Repertorisation System. No need of manual Analysis Evaluation.

Share Case database

Keep case database at one place.
Access it from several computers.


Available for Computer, Laptop, Tablet, Mobile.

Instant Repertorisation

Select and record rubric, repertorisation automatically happens.

Repertory book filters

Select which books/authors to repertorise with from list of 100s of books.


Create Your own Repertory

Add your clinical experience as rubric with remedies. Save it share it with friends. Repertorise with it.


Tree View Chapter/Rubrics

Browsing of repertory and rubrics is very easy. Very good for learning.

Graphical View Repertory

Graphical repersentation of rubrics is a very easy way of reaching the right rubric.

Polar rubric comparison

Extremes of a rubric like agg / amel gives clue to selection of right remedy.


Available for Windows, Mac, iOS, Linux, Android.


Materia Medica

Layout design for Browsing and Reading Materia Medicas is a pleasure.


Reverse Materia Medica

Rubrics from the repertory are filtered out and Materia Medica is formed for a specific remedy.


Create Your Materia Medica

Enter your clinical experience as details of medicine, share with friends and save as reference for future.

Create your Formula

Make a formula of analysing the repertorisation result and apply it.

Auto Remedy Suggestion

When a rubric contains a single or few 4 grade remedy. Get suggestion of remedies from carefully selected related rubrics elsewhere in the repertory.


Multiple language Hindi

Repertorise in your own language. Availability in several languages shows the popularity.


Many More features

coming soon… visit for details of feature


Rich Features make your Practice very easy!

Some exciting features not available in any other software. That makes finding right SIMILIMUM and prescribing a breeze.

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Do you face Problems in Practice?


Are you making enough cures?


Is your practice slowing down?


know Repertorisation?


know Evaluation Analysis?

Don’t worry software will do it all for you.

How will Complete Dynamics help you?

Select Rubric, Double click and Repertorisation is done.

The Software will find the accurate remedy for you.

and then you can decide.

Select, Double click, Repertorise.

Economic, Easy, Accurate & Quick.

Most Intuitive software in the world.


Prescribe like stalwarts, curing was never so Easy, Accurate & Quick.

Reach exact remedy quickly with ease.

No more thinking, evaluating analysis for hours. The software will do that all for you.

Leave behind your Competitors.

Doctors using Complete Dynamics make most CURE’s with just a snap of a finger.

Bring a smile to patients face, get immense blessings.

Die-hard fans of software say they cannot think of practicing without Complete Dynamics.

A team of experts review and re-review update the repertory and software day and night only for you and your patients, just to realize your mission.

Keep your clinic in your pocket (phone), Carry it where ever you go.

Enjoy a User Interface Built for Homeopaths.

Built on the classic principles of Homeopathy, laid down by the stalwarts.

With right tools you can win the battle.

Poor outdated tools will not lead you to success.
The only Right tool to 10x your Cure rate is Complete Dynamics.

Select → Auto-Repertorise → Prescribe → CURE!

That's it!

Experts and Users are just FAN

Don’t just take it from us, let our users do the talking!

I keep learning from Complete repertory…

…there are definitely many new rubrics I learned, many new remedies I learned.

Dr Farokh J Master

World renowned Teacher & Speaker, Homeopathic Expert, Mumbai

I like Complete Dynamics because of two things that happen in conjunction with using the Complete Repertory:
A. Refined analysis of the rubrics used. A refinement that evolves every time a new version of it comes out, based on the newest data incorporated into the repertory and the program.
B. A Repertory centered approach as to how the data in the repertory are shown. the several analytical views, the several ways the data can be shown in the database, with “show generic rubrics” as a nice example.

Wholeheartedly recommended to every homeopathic colleague.

Dr Roger van Zandvoort

Author of Complete Repertory, Netherlands

Roger van Zandvoort has very seriously and sincerely worked to give most complete and accurate repertory to Homeopathic professionals to cure suffering humanity.

I had an opportunity to meet Roger van Zandvoort and share my thoughts about complete repertory with him.

Rubrics/ sub-rubrics / remedies listed in this repertory are repeatedly verified and updated. Another important point is that Complete Repertory has been translated into various languages.

This software gives facility in computer based reading and studying of the Complete Repertory.  Book module is the best for easy reference and comparing rubrics/remedies etc.

I recommend this software program for all Homeopathic practitioners, postgraduate students and learners of Homoeopathic science.

Prof. Dr.Vidyadhar R.Khanaj

P.G & PhD Guide in Repertory, Principal MNR Homeopathic Medical College & Hospital, Sangareddy –Hyderabad. Author of Reperire. Repertory simplified. Synoptic card Repertory.

Very latest updates. An almost complete database from pioneers to present legends. The most appealing is LANGUAGE, I use it in HINDI language too.

AUTHENTICITY of each Rubric and Remedy. Easy word search in materia medica as well as repertory. Books added for reference are a strong foundation of this programme. All these Dynamic inputs make this software as complete repertory software.
Cost effective and user-friendly. Free access download is the biggest boon for the Homeopathic world from developers of this programme.

H Plus Clinics exclusively uses complete Dynamics and recommend to others….

Dr Mukund V Suvagia

Chief homoeopathic physician, H Plus - Chain of Homoeopathic Clinics, Gujrat

Complete Repertory has been my main source of reference since 2006. The Rubrics represent the symptoms of the patient/materia medica as accurately and as elaborate as possible.

Complete Dynamics – Its smooth, easy to use, stunning User Interface, the Book layout, …This is the only such Homoeopathic Software where such a care has been taken and aesthetically made.

The Search Function is one of the fastest an best. It has several combinations of shortcuts to search too. simply typing the text would also work the best.

Dr Rajesh Rajendra

Repertorisation Expert, Life Tree Homeopathy, Chennai

I have a very busy practice, at times the OPD is 100+ patients. In such a situation I need a software which can Easily, Quickly and accurately repertorise the case. In such a less time Analysis & evaluation is difficult, but, Complete Dynamics software does it for me via Auto-Balancing. I am a big fan of Relationship of Remedy and regularly use it in my practice, with this software I quickly see the relationship for a quick prescription. The pace at which the software finds Rubrics for me is impeccable that is why I call it the Google of Homeopathy.

I teach several Homeopathic software to the students, but, Complete Dynamics has remained the favorite so far. I highly recommend this software for doctors who want CURE and grow their practice several folds.

Dr Chanchal K Jain

Prof. & HOD Repertory Department, Narayan Shree Homeopathic college, Bhopal


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Regular updating of software ensures best user experience.

Clear your doubts first:

Please satisfy yourself, before buying.

In how many computers can I use Complete Dynamics?

To prevent license abuse we provide only ONE license per purchase. But, if you purchase high-value license you may get an extra license for Android as per the prevailing scheme. Please read our license policy before purchase. Some Special occasion Deals may get you more than one license.

What is your refund policy?

Once you purchase the product there NO refund. That is why we encourage you to use the one-month free trial first, then buy the world-class product. We are so confident that you will like the product.

How many books are there in Complete Dynamics?

Complete Dynamics is based on Complete Repertory, which has been constructed using several Repertories, Materia Medica, and other relevant reference materials. Please click here for the details and list.

Other software provide several books.

Other software provides many many books, it is not for free, you pay for it. But, in reality, if you analyze in your day to day practice you only refer to a limited number of authentic books. We provide all the important and regularly used MM in our software. These several numbers of books in other software are mostly never used by the user and is a total waste of money.

Which is the most economic Homeopathic Software?

As of now, the Complete Dynamics is the most economical and comes in a wide range of pricing, starting 06 months subscription to Lifetime license with limited period support. Even the most priced CD license is half the price of other software. Complete Dynamics software 06 months subscription costs less than Rs.17/- per day, therefore, the most affordable Homeopathic software on the planet. Users earn back the money spent on Complete Dynamics within a month with the result they get in the form of CURE.

Do you provide New Licence key if there is a problem or I change my computer?

YES, we do provide New License Key. But, only in the support period. Please read the details here.

What is support period or Validity of license?

When you buy a license it comes with an upgrade and support period. Like lifetime license with one year support or five-year support. This is period during which you are entitled to recieve Upgrades of the software and repertory all free of cost. Please read the details here.

What if my support period or Validity of license expires?

Paid upgrades of the software will be available to you after the end of subscription or upgrade period for a fee. As we continuously add new features.

Paid Support of the software will be available to you after the end of subscription or upgrade period for a fee. As supporting users is time-consuming and support resources come at a cost to us. Please read the details here.

What is the difference between Browser, Practitioner and Master Edition?

Browser Edition is free & has limited features, Practitioners Edition is a Fully functional edition, Master Edition is a fully functional edition with more functionality and advanced features for automation of tasks. For detailed comparison please click here.

I have some more questions?

All the question regarding Complete Dynamics have been answered on a separate page, please click here.

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If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.

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